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PDF- Kettlebell

Kettlebell Workouts by JLFITNESSMIAMI

So you're looking for a PDF filled with kettlebell workouts? You've come to the right place then!

What's Included inside the kettlebell pDF

  • Kettlebell workouts with 1 kettlebell- 3 rounds
  • Kettlebell Leg Workout with 1 kettlebell- 5 rounds
  • Kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell- You will decrease your reps on each new round
  • Kettlebell workouts with 2 kettlebells- 3 rounds
  • 12 Minute Kettlebell EMOMs (Like EMOMs? Then get more here: All you need to know about Kettlebell EMOMs.) 
  • 1 Kettlebell workout focused around targetting the lower body, upper body and core. 
  • Full body workout with kettlebells and bodyweight training
  • Full body kettlebell workout for trail runners
  • Core workout 1 kettlebell (Want to dive deeper into kettlebell core exercises? Then go here: The Ultimate Advanced Kettlebell Core Exercise Guide
  • Turkish Get Up workout paired with pull ups or inverted rows
  • 4 round kettlebell workout
  • Kettlebell workouts with 4 exercises for time efficiency
  • 20 minute kettlebell EMOM
  • Kettlebell and Animal Flow Workout
  • TRX and Kettlebell Workout
  • And much more...

This is a 22 page PDF filled with fun and efficient kettlebell workouts. Here is a sample below of one of the workouts.

3 Round Kettlebell Workout

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