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6 Week Training Plan
6 Week Training Plan
6 Week Training Plan
Resolute Training Plan- Exercises Included
6 Week Training Plan

Resolute- 6 Week Training Plan (5 Days A Week)

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Resolute is a 6 Week Training Plan that contains 3 days of muscle building workouts and 2 days of cardio conditioning workouts.


Each week, the strength portion of the workout will stay the same for 6 weeks. Your goal is to select 1-3 exercises per week and increase the weight by at least  2.5 lb or 1.13 kg. 


The printable workout logs included in this plan will make this process easy.



Day 1 or Mondays: You will focus on the legs, triceps and core.


Day 2 or Tuesdays: AMRAP 


Day 3 or Wednesdays: You will focus on the back and biceps.


Day 4 or Thursdays: AMRAP


Day 5 or Fridays: You will focus on the legs, chest and core.


Conditioning Workouts

The conditioning workouts consist of 2 AMRAP workouts that each have 6 exercises. These 2 workouts will be the same for 6 weeks but you will increase the duration of each workout by 2 minutes per week.


AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. 

Week 1: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 20 minutes.


Week 2: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 22 minutes.


Week 3: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 24 minutes.


Week 4: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 26 minutes.


Week 5: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 28 minutes.


Week 6: Each AMRAP has a time limit of 30 minutes.





🖨️Print Sizes for Workout Log 

✔️US Letter size (8.5” X 11”)
✔️A4 size (8.26” X 11.69”)

Please note: The options above are only for the workout log. The workout plan's dimensions are ideal for viewing on your mobile device. 




Who is this workout plan for?


This is for someone that is interested in having a structured strength and cardio conditioning plan for 6 weeks and that can dedicate 5 days a week to training


You should have some experience training. This plan is not ideal for a beginner. 


Where can I do this workout?


You can do these workouts at a gym. 



How do I get this workout plan?

After you complete purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the workouts.


The file will be a PDF. There are various of free apps you can use to view them. Or you can simply open them on your mobile browser.