8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs – JLFITNESSMIAMI
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs
8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs

8 Week Muscle Building Training Plan- PDFs

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Note: This is a digital download. Nothing will be mailed to you. If you are looking for a physical item, please go here


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This is the first time I'm introducing an 8 week training plan with this format. The focus of these weeks is to build muscle and get stronger.


Important: These are a series of PDF files. You will not receive anything physical in the mail. 




Weeks 1-4


This first month will consist of 4 workouts per week. Each week the workouts will change with exercises that target that same or similar muscle groups.

This will add variety and engagement to your workouts while also challenging you. Pay attention to the reps and rest periods of each exercise because they might differ. Try your best to use weights/loads that are challenging enough for you for that specific exercise.

So for example, if you have to do 15 reps of incline barbell press, choose a weight that will allow you to complete 15 reps with good form. Each exercise will have an alternative just in case you are not familiar with the movement or if you don't have that equipment available. But please realize that the intended movement would be best to do.

I’ve integrated many challenging bodyweight exercises into this program because I believe bodyweight training is essential for long term health and vitality. Each workout will have just 5 exercises and start with the most challenging movements first.

The instructions for these first weeks are pretty basic, but the upcoming weeks will have more challenging training protocols like pauses and tempo changes with certain lower body exercises. And they will also be slightly longer.

There will be 3 mobility/warm up routines included. Pick 1 routine to do before each training session. 


Weeks 5-8


This second portion of the 8 week plan will require more advance training protocols like pauses and tempo changes. By tempo I mean a set duration you will have to complete a rep. Tempo training is more mindful, more intentional and it also prolongs a set. These special instructions are only for certain movements within the lower body day.

Unlike in the first 4 weeks, you are focusing on a upper/lower split. Meaning you will focus on the upper body one day, followed by a lower body day and then a rest day.

You will be starting off the workouts with the most demanding movements first. These will be compound exercises (exercises that use multiple joints) and at the end of each workout you will do exercises that focus on a more narrow area like biceps, triceps, quads and hamstrings.

Certain exercise will require lower reps, so heavier weight. Please choose your weights wisely and feel free to reduce the weights if you have to. Your job is to complete each rep with the best form possible.

Unlike the first 4 weeks, you will focus on doing the same exercises/workouts for 4 weeks. They will not change. Try to add more weights in small increments as your progress through the weeks, but do not change the reps. 

There will be 2 mobility/warm up routines included. One for upper body and one for lower body.






Who is this workout plan for?

This plan is for someone looking to get stronger and build muscle. You will be training 4 days a week. It's important to try to follow the plan as much as you can and not to to disrupt it with other random workouts that might affect your overall progress throughout your training. 


Most of the exercises are beginner and intermediate friendly, with a few advanced exercises. These exercises are recommended for their efficacy and high yield but there's also alternative exercises in case you aren't ready for them. 

Some of the exercises for the last 4 weeks will require heavier weights. You should be comfortable and experienced with this. 


Where can I do this workout?


These workouts should be done in a gym that offers various training equipment. 



How do I get this workout plan?

After you complete purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the workouts. Nothing physical will be mailed to you.


You will receive a ZIP folder containing 2 PDF files: Weeks 1-4 (37 pages) and Weeks 5-8. There are various free apps you can use to view the PDFs. Or you can simply open them on your mobile browser.

It is highly recommended to download the ZIP folder over WIFI because it's over 100 MB. You may have trouble downloading it via your phone's bandwidth. 


How many times can I download the workouts?


There will be a download limit of 7 attempts. If for some reason you need more simply please reply to your download receipt e-mail and I will assist you.