Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts – JLFITNESSMIAMI
Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts
Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts
kettlebell workout with 1 kettlebell
Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts
20 minute kettlebell workout
Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts
Stacking Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Fury- 30 Full Body Workouts

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Kettlebell Workout Formats:


Note: This is a digital download. Nothing will be mailed to you. If you are looking for a physical item, please go here



General Conditioning Workouts (10 Workouts):

You will only need 1 kettlebell for the following workouts.

The workouts in this section will help you develop a base of strength and endurance and give you a chance to practice your technique and lay the groundwork for more intense workouts. You will have ample time to rest between sets. 

These workouts are good for someone that is relatively new to kettlebell training. These workouts probably won't get you that sore because 1) you are using only 1 kettlebell, 2) you will have a lot time to rest, and 3) you are constantly switching between different muscle groups.

If you're an advance kettlebell trainee you can still use these workouts when you're already too sore from a previous workout or when your energy levels are sort of low.

To make these workouts harder though simply use heavy kettlebells!!


Note on the following workouts: 

The following workouts are time based. A particular benefit to that is they require focus. There's little time to check your social media or e-mail between rounds and sets because you need to be mindful of your work output within your allotted time. 



20 Minute Workouts (10 Workouts) New Format:

You will need 1-2 kettlebells for the following workouts.

In this section you will have 3 different circuits. You will have to alternate between 2 exercises in each circuit. Perform the exercises until you reach 5 minutes. Rest as needed in between exercises, but 2 minutes in between circuits.


Stacking Workouts (10 Workouts) New Format:

You will need 1-2 kettlebells for the following workouts.

In this section you will have 4 different sets. You will add an additional exercise on each new set. You will need to rest less than 10 seconds in between exercises, but 30 seconds in between sets.

Some exercises in this section will include bodyweight exercises like single leg squats, push ups and skaters.




    It would be helpful if you know how to do the following kettlebell exercises:





    ✔️ Turkish Get-Up (Here's a full guide on how to do Turkish Get-Ups if you don't know how to: TGU Guide)







    Who are these workouts for?



    The workouts in this e-book are for someone that is looking to have fun with dynamic and challenging kettlebell workouts. 

    You should have experience with medium to advance training formats. These workouts will help improve your cardiovascular endurance as well build muscle and core strength. 


    Some workouts will require 2 kettlebells. 


    💡Important: The formats of these kettlebell routines will be challenging but it is not necessary to use heavy kettlebells if you don't want to. It is more important to complete the routines with good form.



    Where can I do this workout?


    You can do these workouts at a gym or at home if you a kettlebell and a mat.



    How do I get this workout plan?

    After you complete purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the workouts. Nothing physical will be mailed to you.


    You will receive a ZIP folder containing 1 PDF files. There are various of free apps you can use to view the PDFs. I personally use Adobe Acrobat. Or you can simply open them on your mobile browser.


    How many times can I download the workouts?


    There will be a download limit of 7 attempts. If for some reason you need more simply please reply to your download receipt e-mail and I will assist you.