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30 Visual Workouts- E-book, digital download
30 Visual Workouts- Digital Download
30 Visual Workouts- Digital Download

30 Visual Workouts- Digital Download

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Note: This is a digital download. Nothing will be mailed to you. If you are looking for a physical item, please go here

 This workout e-book is for anyone who wants to enjoy fun, effective and short conditioning workouts for fat loss.


These easy-to-follow workouts will include clear instructions, a difficulty benchmark and a diagram of the muscles you will be using for that workout.


These visual workouts will let you:


✔️ Perform a workout between 7-29 minutes long
✔️ Beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts
✔️ Enjoy total body workouts
✔️ 30 workouts
✔️ 3 warm ups
✔️ 6 different formats to choose
✔️ Pick a different workout format everyday to match your mood and energy levels



Conditioning Workouts


Bodyweight Cardio: You won't need any equipment for these set of workouts except for a jump rope, a mat and a bench or other stable platform. There's 5 workouts in this section. Depending on the workout, you will rest between 20-35 seconds in between.


Tabata: A Tabata workout requires you to exercise for 20 seconds and rest 10 seconds in between. There's 4 workouts in this section.


Reverse Tabata: A Reverse Tabata is similar to traditional Tabata but the work to rest ratio is inverted. So you exercise for 10 seconds and rest 20 seconds in between. There's 4 workouts in this section. 


Kettlebell Conditioning: You're going to need 2 kettlebells for this workout. There's 4 rounds per workout to complete and you will rest 25 seconds in between exercises, but 60 seconds between rounds.


Total Body Complexes: In a complex, you move from exercise to exercise without putting the training tool down on the floor. There's no rest in between exercises, but you rest 45 seconds in between rounds.


HIIT: These workouts will be time based, with different work to rest ratios. You're going to need kettlebells, dumbbells, a jump rope, a landmine and cable machine (or tubing bands)There's 8 workouts in this section.




Can I Do More Than One Workout Per Day?

You can if you wish. These workouts can be tough but they are relatively short, which makes it very manageable. However, for most people, one workout a day would be more than enough.

How do I get this workout plan?

After you complete purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the workouts.


The file will be a PDF. There are various of free apps you can use to view them. Or you can simply open them on your mobile browser.


What type of exercises are in this workout? 


You should be comfortable with exercises and movements like (but not limited to):


✔️Box Jumps

✔️ High Knees

✔️Kettlebell Snatch

✔️Kettlebell swings



✔️Jump roping (if you can't jump rope, you can run in place or do jumping jacks)


✔️Pull Ups


What Can I Do If A Workout Is Too Easy Or Too Hard?

All the workouts already have established sets or rounds and rest periods. But if a workout is too difficult, complete less rounds or increase the duration of your rest periods.

Likewise, if a workout is too easy then complete more rounds or use slightly heavier weight.